Mar 31, 2015


Hey guys, finally am back to blogging but yeah just some rants and here and there.
Well i must say the reason for blogging is just to overlook how my life had been going on.
I must say i feel really really bad in terms of everything. I feel really sick of being myself.
Like I dont feel good, i feel that im ugly in all aspects. no matter if its face,body or whatever.
Perhaps its just that kind of day where you don't feel good but its really not good because no matter how good your photos are, people come telling why you look so different in photos ah?

honestly, i myself feel hurt upon hearing those words. 
Perhaps its really just those days again...
thats why too narcissistic is no good also.
Im not changing but i'm just hoping for the good.

Well, bad times should end at the above photo, 
on the good side im back to my dye hair saga where I become a chameleon and light shows on my hair happens.

Black> Brown> Light Brown> Orange Brown > Orange > Yellow > Blonde > Half Blonde Half White > Silverish Purple > Silver > Silver white .

Cutting it short, but i am really proud to be in this family of mine,
I think this family is unique in their ways but every year i feel different things and theres just a magnet sucking me in to stay. 
Definitely helped me in improving as a person.

GEM10 has past by a week already and i feel that it is never enough of that dance together with your friends feeling.
it is indescribable. 

Year 2 Zumba ;

four words; 


the hardwork everyone put in this Gem is really priceless, and those fullout faces i see even on TV backstage pushes me even further.

Pirate Kings and Epilogue !
Really Thankful for the opportunity to start the show.
Really thankful for everyone in all the items im in being so encouraging,
Thankful choreographers,
i've always looked up to you guys because i know choreographing aint easy.

I dont usually take photos with people therefore dont blame me, cos i think i really am narcissistic.
hashtag jialat. 

Hello Tayying , since Oompha Loompha u had been a really good and awesome friend of mine, and despite the height differences, you are one friend that can go far with a lot of people.
I have seen how much you grow in TPDE and i am really proud of you, i have no rights to say about your techniques and all but as i watch you dancing on stage, i can't be more honored to dance with you... 
with a bag.
Jiayou and continue to strive okay! Cross over Hiphop and Bboy ! 

Yay to Shi hui year 3 yoyo,
thank God we got closer during Gem10 but please come back visit Tpde even when you graduated okay.

Hey Whoremoans,
really thank you for everything that you've done for us.
8 years of friendship and i still love you guys to bits.
As we age, may we age with beauty. 

Photos from ma phone.

Wei ni Wei ni Winnie
Thanks for the friendship forge throguh out two years in TPDE !
those funny supper moments omg hahaha !

I honestly don't know how we got so crazily close but during Gem all i know was that you gave your all and all those injuries are worth it ! thanks for fighting together with everyone.

Thank you Ethan and David for coming to sappork ! 
Wah first dance concert virgin gave it to TPDE.

MR sexy arc silver hair copycat dog.

thanks for being the brother that i can always rely on whenever i have problems and vice versa.
all i have to say i have always said it to you already and please do come back and even in army please do keep in touch.

xie xie Kossyman my forever friend for coming to sappork TPDE.
stay sexy and siao and i see you in classes soon.

belly button.
thank God for you that i managed to join TPDE.
still forever thnakful as ever.


so i started my internship and im enjoying life there now.
okay not really but there's a lot of work to be done .
mentally and physically.
you know what i mean.

my favorite place of all 

 the awesome view when you're on the OCBC skyway.

and these summarises everything,
life is tough but im tougher.

Thank you to whoever may read this.